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Expert Handicappers
Ben Burns
#1 HOOPS CAPPER ON THE ENTIRE PLANET! White Hot Across The Board: 3-1 Tues. 2-1 Wed. 4-1 Thurs. 179-126 (+$26K) All Sports since mid-November. AMAZING 10-1 NHL HEATER! Get Burns in your corner and WIN!
Rocky Atkinson
25-11 TOP NFL run! 42-13 MLB run! 14-5 in NFL last year! 333-259 premium pick all sports! Two 10* NHL MONSTERS and a 6* NHL for Friday! 120-69 63% last 189 TOP MLB! 89-61 NHL run!
Will Rogers
No. 1 NFL PLAYOFF CAPPER IN THE WORLD! After going 6-0 in the Wildcard, Rogers was 3-1 (75%) in the Divisional, moving him to 9-1 (90%) in the Playoffs! He was also +$4K this season in College Football - WOW!
Steve Janus

5x Top 20 NBA Handicapper, 4x Top 20 NCAAB, 2x Top 5 NCAAF Football (#1 Overall 2008) & 3x Top 20 NFL! ***Top 10 Overall (2016, 2017, 2019)***

Matt Fargo
Matt is on a SWEET 34-22-2 L58 NFL run while going on a SOLID 23-11 Primetime Run! Additionally, he is on a +$30,290 NFL run going back to 2012! Fargo is now 165-135-7 (+$16,759) CBB the last two years!
John Ryan
10-Star NFL Championship including 8-Star Total. Get both from one of the best in the nation hitting over 71% ATS L6 weeks.
Jeff Alexander
Jeff Alexander was the #4 RANKED CAPPER IN 2020 (+$46K)! Invest with a proven expert **$170K LONG-TERM PROFITS** and watch your bankroll grow! #1 BBALL CAPPER ALL-TIME (#1 NBA & #2 CBB)
Stephen Nover
I have had only two losing season in pro football in my handicapping career. I have the best sources in the business thanks to more than 25 years as a sportswriter, handicapper and analyst.
Brandon Lee
***54% (292-248) All-Sports Run*** Brandon Lee is on FIRE! Now is the time to get in on the action! Check out Friday's Card ~ 3 Picks (2 NBA, 1 NCAAB).
Freddy Wills

**Grab this weeks promo Package NFL + College for $100 Guaranteed - 93-52 ATS Career over 10 seasons in Week #2 NFL + Week #3 College!

Rob Vinciletti
ROB V is The ONLY 2X OVERALL MLB CHAMP and ONLY 2 TIME OVERALL FOOTBALL LEADER. on the network. Even CFL is RANKED #1 OVERALL Over last 3 YEARS. Jump on with the 2016 Overall Sports Champ and starts $$ Daily.
Dave Price
Dave was the #2 Overall Capper in 2020 while on a HUGE 401-306 Run since December 28th, 2019! Long term trends include 1086-892 MLB, 688-591 NCAAB, 549-429 NBA, 445-360 NFL & 80-47 NCAAF Runs!
Kyle Hunter
Wednesday CBB Totals 3 for 1 Special Offer is up. Only $25 for individual packages as well.
Jimmy Boyd
John Martin
*Top 10 Overall Capper 4 of L5 Years!* (#3 2016, #3 2017, #10 2018, #5 2020) I also cashed in a profitable 2019! My 3816-3509 Overall Run has my $1,000/game bettors UP $166,380! Get on board!
Michael Alexander
Jack Jones
No. 1 Ranked Overall Capper All-Time! Jack Jones is riding a 1852-1565 Run L1230 Days that has seen his $1,000/game players cash in $144,960! Get yourself a long-term premium package today!
Chip Chirimbes
Chip Chirimbes, the 'Big Game Player' and LV Hilton Champion was 1-0 yesterday in NCAA action yesterday and is a 'Documented' 66-47-1 61% (L-114) with NCAA BK releases. Today, Chip has a Triple-Play NCAA Best Bets
Mike Lundin
Sign up for a premium subscription and you'll get emailed as soon as picks are posted. Mike typically 100-150 plays/month. With a 30-days subscription for $349.95 it's only $11.67/day and way less per pick.
Johnny Banks

**2-TIME WORLD HANDICAPPING CHAMPION** Get Johnny's 3 Day ALL PICKS Package for just $99 and watch your bankroll grow! ALL FOOTBALL PICKS NOW POSTED!

Scott Rickenbach
Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach 207 games over .500 (+$118,160) since Feb 2018 (when he moved to Vegas); +$101,270 NFL/CFB 2012-2018; 48-29 All NFL Run. 10-5 CBB O/U. 17-6 NHL. Friday card: 1 CBB/1 NBA/0 EPL/3 NHL.
Tim Michael
I'm now 32-19 +$11,000 L12 days ALL picks! But the BIG news around these parts continues to be my UNREAL domination on the ice! I'm now 10-3 on the season and looking back finds me on a MONSTER 90-60 (+$21.5K) NHL!
Teddy Davis
Larry Ness
Friday: NBA 10* Situational Game of the Month and CBB 10* Weekly Wipeout (4-1 run with BKB Wipeouts). NFL on Sunday: 10* Playoff Game of the Year!



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